General Enquiries

1. What is anarika.com?
Your one stop solution for ethnic wear products brought to you by Anarika Fashions. Whether you are looking for the latest trends or the newest collections... Our site brings convenience tailored to your needs right to your fingertips.
2. Is buying online safe?
Anarika guarantees a secure shopping experience, as anarika.com chooses to process payment transactions of Visa and MasterCard only through securely encrypted Payment Gateways. In fact all your personal information, including credit card, name, and address details go through an encrypted channel which is considered to be the best in the industry for secure commerce transactions. Use of your Personal Information is strictly in accordance with anarika.com‘s Privacy Policy.

Account Enquiries

1. Why do I need to register?

You need to be a registered anarika.com user to be able see your order history, plus registration helps you and anarika.com
a)Communicate whenever needed.
b)Ensuring a safe shopping environment.
c)You will get all the updates on latest products.
d)You can make item recommendations and suggestions.
2. Is it free to register for an anarika.com account?
Yes, registration at anarika.com is completely free.
3. How do I create an anarika.com account?
Simply click on the signup link at the top of the page, follow the onscreen instructions and in less than 60 seconds you will be officially an anarika.com account holder.
4. What is anarika.com ID?
Your anarika.com ID is the way in which you would be identified on the site. It is your unique identification as a user, in other words your anarika.com account helps us recognize you and your delivery address whenever you shop giving you effortless reception of your purchases as soon as possible without you having to fill up your details every time.
5. Why do I need a password?
You need a password along with your anarika.com account to be able to transact on the site keep your details and account settings from other use.
6. What if I forgot my Password?
Don’t worry that is quite common, just click on the forgot password link and you can reset your account.
7. How do I change my profile?
Once you have logged on; click on your account link found on top of the page which will take you to your account dashboard page and then save your changes once you’re done changing the desired fields.
8. Will my anarika.com account expire if I do not use it for a while?
No, it will remain valid.
9. Can I create multiple anarika.com accounts?
Sure, as long as each anarika.com account has its unique e-mail address for registration, though if adding a secondary address is why you want to create multiple accounts; then note that you could always add a secondary address to your initial account and then select whichever address you need your products delivered to at checkout.
10. Can someone other than me use my anarika.com account?
Yes but we strongly recommend that you avoid sharing your personal details. By the way, your family members and friends can create their new accounts easily.
11. How can I cancel my anarika.com account?
Please contact us by clicking contact us page with the reason for cancellation and we will assist you in removing your account from anarika.com
12. What is a Wish list?
It is an onsite feature that you can use to save products, such as Kurtis, Tops, Salwar’s etc..., you frequently reorder, schedule email reminders, or to send gift ideas to friends & family. You can view your Wish list at any time by clicking on the “My Wish List” link at the top of the page; just make sure you are signed in your account.

Order Enquiries

1. How do I place an order on anarika.com?
Once you come across any item you would like to purchase, just click on “add to cart” and your item will be added to your shopping cart. All items you’ve selected will be saved in your anarika.com shopping cart, which can be viewed at any time by clicking on the shopping cart link at the top of the page.
2. How do I contact anarika.com?
You can contact us by filling the ‘Contact Us’ section on our website.
3. What are the payment methods available in anarika.com?
Currently we offer various safe and secure payment methods Such as Visa, Master, PayPal, Net Banking etc.

Status and delivery Enquiries

1. When will I receive the items I ordered from anarika.com?
We will ship your items generally within 24 hours. Depending on the area you are in Courier company may take 3 -7 days for delivery.
2. What are the areas or locations covered for delivery?
We deliver all across India and Internationally.
3. The item I want is sold out. Will it be available again?
Out of stock items will most definitely be available as soon as possible, otherwise you may follow the special order process and we will without a doubt have either the product or an answer for you.
4. I have just placed an order a few minutes ago, but I’ve changed my mind. How do I change/cancel the item?
No problem, you can easily update your orders prior completing your purchase which by the way you get to review automatically as part of your shopping experience before every checkout. However if you had already completed your payment process then you can follow with our customer service.
For any clarification kindly contact at us :-support@anarika.com